Meet Team Jasyoga — Coach Lulu Hays

Photo:  Hilary Dahl

It's official: longtime hOMegirl and legit fastie Lulu Hays has joined our team as a Jasyoga for Runners Coach! After years of Hitting Reset with us and, more recently, completing our training program, Lulu brings her unique expertise as a former collegiate athlete to Jasyoga classes and events designed to optimize your running. This woman keeps it real for your running body, and your life. Welcome, Lulu!

Running since?
1998 — freshman year cross country at Garfield High School in Seattle.

Why do you run?
I never feel more alive, strong and free than when I run.    

Any upcoming events/races?
Yes. I'm training for longer stuff these days (half-marathons/marathons).

What does the Reset Revolution mean to you?
The Reset Revolution is key to sustaining the activity I love. I want to run for the rest of my life and I believe that requires "Hitting Reset" consistently.

What do you do to Hit Reset?
Legs up the wall!  

Fill in the blank: "Yoga makes me feel _______." I have a secret weapon.

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