Frequently Asked Questions

how is jasyoga different than other yoga?

Jasyoga’s mission is to help as many athletes as possible use yoga to achieve their goals. We're not here to turn you into a yogi, but to equip you with practical tools to optimize your athleticism. The majority of our videos and content are based on our philosophy of "Hit Reset" — aka bringing things back into balance. Sports creates imbalances and we've designed solutions to address them. Jasyoga is not an another workout or addition to your to-do list — it's an opportunity to absorb and optimize everything else you're doing. 

Why is it called Jasyoga?

The “Jas” came from founder Erin’s middle name, Jasmine.

Can I try Jasyoga Video for free before subscribing?

Yes! Try a handful of videos on our YouTube channel. Jasyoga Video subscription includes access to over 100 videos.

How does subscribing to Jasyoga Video work?

It’s easy to sign up at Your monthly subscription of $9.99 includes unlimited access to over 100 videos. Cancel any time.

How do I use Jasyoga?

We believe in individuality and consistency. Everyone will use Jasyoga differently, and even 5 minutes a day can make a profound impact. Check out the following blogs for a look at how other athletes use Jasyoga, and to glean inspiration for your own practice:

How do I use HIT RESET Book?

HIT RESET is structured in a very clear “problem/solution” and “self test/correct” format. This means that rather than needing to read the book cover to cover, you can choose your own adventure of recovery, strength, and balance adjustments that you need right now. The self tests give you a clear picture of your areas of imbalance and equips you to use the game plan page to create a unique game plan.

Can I save Jasyoga Video to my phone or tablet?

You can save the link as an app on your phone for easy access at any time. But you will need to stream the videos using wifi or data. Of course, when off the grid the paperback HIT RESET book is ideal.

Can I create video playlists?

Not at this time. However, an easy way to build a reset routine is to line up multiple videos at once is to pull each one into a new tab. As each video ends just open the next tab.

How do I PLAY Jasyoga Video ON my TV?

You can send Jasyoga video to your smart TV, whether you have a Chrome Cast, Apple TV or other.

Why don’t you have music in your videos?

Jasyoga is designed to be your personal yoga studio, but you should be the DJ. Or not. Some people prefer to do yoga with tunes, while others prefer meditative silence. By not adding our own soundtrack, it makes it easy to add yours! If you prefer to Hit Reset with music, run it in the background.

On your computer it’s easy to run both Jasyoga Video and Spotify (or iTunes or Pandora or whatever). When logging a phone session you'll need an outside music source.  Not sure what music would pair well with Jasyoga? We are on Spotify constantly adding our Hit Reset radio suggestions.

Do I need props?

Nope! You can certainly invest in a bolster, blocks, and strap. But a pillow, books, and belt will do just fine as stand ins. Keep it simple!

What is Yoga for Real?

It's not about perfection, it's about progress. It's about creating more balance physically and mentally in the time that IS available to you, amid all of the very real moments of your training and your life. Join in with #yogaforreal!

Where are your headquarters?

Just like yoga for real, we’re everywhere! But founder, Erin Taylor, is currently based in London while most of her team is in the PNW.