Jasyoga is yoga by athletes, for athletes.

Our mission is to help athletes use yoga to achieve their goals. Jasyoga makes yoga for athletes videos to optimize all your training, and offers coach training to equip you to help other athletes. We’re not interested in turning you into a yogi — we are here to make yoga work for you, for real. That means practical yoga skills to help you become more balanced and resilient for your sports and your life.


I started doing yoga as an injured collegiate basketball player. If you’ve ever been injured you know — you’ll try anything to get off the bench. Reluctantly at first, I rolled out a mat and in those early days I always wished that yoga would speak more directly to my needs as an athlete. Since no sport-specific yoga solutions existed at that time, I eventually stopped waiting for someone to connect the dots for me and did it myself.

My experience and ideas became Jasyoga in 2010. We started as a small team coaching athletes in the Seattle area. We unlocked the hips and unstiffened the hamstrings of athletes ranging from the University of Washington sports teams to NBA basketball players, built a super popular public "outdoor studio" at Green Lake, and had many adventures on the mat and beyond in the PNW.

But I always knew we could do more — and we must do more to help more athletes. So in 2015 we launched Jasyoga Video, which has grown to a library of more than 100 yoga for athletes videos, bringing our practical solutions to athletes worldwide — anytime, anywhere — and our practice continues to evolve online.


After more than a decade of teaching yoga to athletes my muse remains the same: you. That’s why Jasyoga is less about yoga for athletes and more about athletes for yoga — because you are leading the way every time you use yoga to help you achieve your goals.

We are Athletes for Yoga. Join us!


Erin Taylor, Founder + Head Coach