Pronounced “wa-zell,” a French word for bird, this women’s running gear company is our apparel sponsor and longtime girl crush. Not only do they make our fave running kit (which also happens to be optimal for yoga), they share our passion for supporting athletes of all kinds. Next time you're in Seattle, get geared up at Oiselle Flagship Store and enjoy some miles with the Thursday Night Flight Club or the Sunday Morning Long Run. The birds also host our yoga for runners blogs.

Created by pro endurance athletes, these bars are optimal runger mitigation, and fuel your performance with real food, balanced for sport. The best part? They taste amazing — and, unlike most bars, you can read the ingredients and actually understand what everything is. Join the Picky Club and never have a growling stomach on your yoga mat again. Booyah!


Claire Pepper (Jasyoga's official photographer) and her partner, Jonathan Gales, opened OMNIUM online in 2016 to bring rad independent designers in the cyclist world to one, easy to shop site. Every look in our Yoga for Cyclists Collection is sourced and styled by Claire from the OMNIUM Collection.

With a background in sports medicine, Richelle aka The Yoga Engineer has been a massage and yoga therapist for more than 20 years — like a Boss! She is a powerful healer specializing in functional anatomy; she’s basically our anatomy guru. Hit her up for massage and specialty workshops. She’ll rock your world.


Led by Chief Running Officer Beth Baker, Running Evolution will help you get off the couch and into a 5K… and beyond. Beth and her posse are always down to pre-game yoga with a run, and grab a pint afterward. Plus, they give buttslaps.