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7 Day Marathon Taper Plan

You’re one week out from your marathon! The hay is in the barn. The best way to optimize your taper (and keep the crazies away) is to have a clear plan. Remember that recovery is just as important and equally as productive as all your training. Now is the time to embrace the taper in order to absorb all your hard work, sharpen your mental game, and arrive primed to perform at your best on the day!

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Andie Cozzarelli Ready to Race Grandma's Marathon 2018

Andie Cozzarelli qualified for the Olympic Trials Marathon with a 1:12 half marathon just a year after graduating from North Carolina State University. Since then she’s been on a road of ups and downs. Last December she had a disappointing race at California International Marathon, which lead her to evaluate everything from her training to her recovery to her gut health. She’s now ready to race and will line up at Grandma’s Marathon on June 16. Find out how she went from one of her lowest races to aiming for her second OTQ using recovery, meditation, and more.

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Jasyoga Pro Tip: Tame Your Taper

If you’ve got a race on the calendar this fall, it’s nearly time—taper time. It can be a confusing space to navigate, but it doesn’t have to be. Instead of throwing a taper tantrum, embrace this critical time to wind down your workouts and gather your energy and strength for competition. We'll help you shift your focus to recovery so that you can fully absorb all of your hard work with this easy routine!

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Athletes for Yoga Videos Featuring Alysia Montaño

Alysia Montaño is patient yet unrelenting in her pursuits, unapologetically optimistic, and a leader in her sport, committed to elevating her community. She is a student of her body, listening closely and following its lead. She’s the definition of an Athlete for Yoga. 

Join Alysia for three new Jasyoga videos — a pre-run warm up, a core strengthener, and a hip Reset — to make you a more balanced and resilient runner, and beyond!

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Yoga for Triathletes: Run to the Finish

Triathletes tell us all the time that the run is the hardest part of the race. There’s no getting around the fact that your whole body is super fatigued after the swim and bike, and you still have (in many cases) a marathon to go! But to have a strong tri, you have to be able to close hard. We're here to help.

With these two videos, both under 5 minutes, you'll give yourself the edge you need. Learn how, when and why to use these routines in your training. 

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How Real Runners Use Jasyoga

You've heard us by now: It's not just about doing yoga, it's how you do it that matters. That a little bit goes a super long way when you're consistent. That you can do #yogaforreal. But runners, where do you start? We tapped runners who are using Jasyoga to achieve their goals, and asked the how. Here's their CliffNotes!

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