Jasyoga Into 26.2 Week 5: Get Your Race Face On

Race week is here! Make the most of the days leading up to the start line to ease any lingering tension in your body and mind so that all your systems can function optimally and you can run your best on race day. Revisit your goal and get your head right. Don’t just focus on the goal itself, instead feel the feeling of having already achieved it...

Do the Pose of the Week every day, and do the videos whenever they best fit into your schedule this week.

Photo:  Claire Pepper

Pose of the Week: Legs Up the Wall

If you’re not familiar with this restorative powerhouse by now, you’ve been missing out. Simply putting your legs up the wall recirculates the blood and any excess fluid in the legs, relaxes the feet and low back, helps to reduce any lingering tension in your system, and more. Enjoy… you’ve earned it!

  1. Extend your legs up the wall.
  2. Keep your knees bent a little and turn your feet away from each other slightly.
  3. Rest your arms along your sides with your palms facing up.
  4. Stay and relax for 10+ minutes.


"Never underestimate the power of a day off. Sometimes it is tempting to think taking a day off will make you lose your momentum, but a day off can go a long way if you need it."
Christine Babcock

Feel the feeling of achieving your goal. Use #jasyoga262 to let us know how it goes on race day!

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