The Weekly Reset: Hip Mobility Maintenance

Here’s the thing about Hitting Reset: not everything has to be a “yoga pose.” Simple mobility work can be just as effective for easing stiff muscles and maintaining optimal range of motion of your joints.

One of our fave moves for one of the most troubling areas is "hip rocking." Super simple and is a great way to loosen up pre-workout, or kick start recovery. There's lots of ways to do it but you can't go wrong with this variation:

  • Step your left foot forward to come into a lunge, and set your right knee down to the floor (feel free to pad that knee if needed).
  • "Lengthen" your left side by pulling your left hip back away from your left shoulder.
  • Keeping both sides of your waist even (aka don't side bend your spine), rock your weight forward and back a couple times.
  • Then, circle your hips around a couple times... change directions.
  • Spend a minute or two breathing deeply and using the movement to encourage fluidity through your hip before switching sides.

Keep your booty mobile with our new Hip Mobility Maintenance video

Erin Taylorhips1 Comment