The Weekly Reset: Use Balance

Balance. Your body is engineered for it. To each of us it looks different, yet for all of us the goal should remain the same: to sustain it, knowing that it decreases tension in body, mind, and heart, even amid an increase in speed and volume. This optimizes everything we do.

Sustaining balance is a choice. It’s about prioritizing creating space to slow down enough that you can consciously discern where you’re at and what’s needed for you to maintain equilibrium day-to-day and moment-to-moment. More importantly, it’s about being brave enough to respond accordingly — to take action — even if that doesn’t align with your original plan or expectations. Slowing down doesn’t mean less. Instead, the balance it affords increases our capacity and amplifies our contentment. It optimizes everything in sports, in work, and in life.

It’s not about perfection. There’s no need to be rigid or stoic in your definition of balance because the reality is that it’s fluid—it changes all the time depending on where you’re at in your life, your training cycle, your day…

#hitreset = Use yoga to sustain balance

Yoga gives us the space to systematically assess where we’re at, redefine balance, and consciously correct ourselves back toward “center.”

Use the remaining days of 2015 to get on your mat, be still, and consider: What does balance mean to you? What does it feel like? What can you do in 2016 to sustain it?

For Jasyoga the coming year is about, you guessed it, balance. More importantly, 2016 is helping athletes everywhere sustain balance. Join us for:

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