The Weekly Reset: Make Balance Your Baseline

As you pursue your passion and set new goals in this New Year, make sure you function from a baseline of balance. From repetitive movements, to overuse, the reality is that most of our pursuits in sport and life inevitably cause some kind of imbalance both physically and mentally.

However, beneath stress, illness, and injury, you possess an innate knowledge — a baseline — of where you’re meant to be and that is a state of balance. Your body is engineered for it and all your systems crave it. It optimizes everything.

When you feel imbalance creep up on you, use this simple meditation to return to your baseline — balance...

Photo:  Claire Pepper

Make Balance Your Baseline Meditation

  • Set a timer for whatever amount of time you want to spend (minimum 5 minutes) so that you won't worry about what time it is.
  • Sit comfortably — sit on a bolster/pillow or lean into a wall if needed.
  • Take a deep breath in… a slow breath out… continue to deepen our breathing.
  • Once your breath feels steadier, begin to notice where your body is in space — where is your weight?
  • Notice the front vs. back of your body — are you leaning forward more or hanging back? Gently bring your torso to the center and lengthen up from there.
  • Now notice the right vs. left sides of your body — are you leaning more to one side? Again bring yourself to the center.
  • Finally, notice the top (waist up) vs. bottom (waist down) of your body — can you more evenly distribute your awareness bottom to top?
  • Feel your body realigned in the center.
  • Relax into that more balanced place. No need to be rigid or stoic in your posture. Soften into it.
  • Keep breathing and feel your whole body — centered, balanced — rather than focusing on just one part.
  • Notice how your mind has quieted while you’re been focused on guiding your body back toward center.
  • Stay and settle deeper back into balance as long as your time allows…

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