New Moon, New Goals

Unofficial end of summer
September 1st new moon
Perfect time to pause, reflect, and set new goals

Each month has a new moon — the phase in the lunar cycle when the moon aligns with the sun and is not visible from earth. Symbolically, there's no better time to reset your focus for the month or season ahead. It might sound a little hippy dippy but that fresh new moon is a great reminder to pause and think about what you're working toward.

This weekend, meditate on your goals. Whether you spend five minutes or 50, set new intentions or recommit to your current dreams — slow down and focus on whatever makes your heart beat hardest in your sport or in your life.

Make this practice yours...

New Moon Goal Setting

1. Gather your tools. Grab something to write in/on (journal, training journal, post-its…) and any objects of significance you'd like to have nearby (candle, scrap paper to burn, crystal, etc...).

2. Be present. Spend at least a few minutes creating some space between your day and this practice — take an epsom salt bath, do a yoga session, or sit and breathe deeply for two minutes.

3. Set your goals. It’s proven that a goal written is more likely to be achieved. Write your goals for the coming season. Be specific. Journal about the steps you’ll take to get there. What do you need to let go of? What do you need to add? 

4. Sent them out there... Speak your goals aloud or write them on scraps of paper and light them on fire. 

5. Get it! Begin and keep going.

Welcome, autumn!

Erin TaylorgoalsComment