Introducing The Hit Reset Book Collection

Photo:  Claire Pepper

Sports create imbalances. When you train and compete, some muscles work overtime while others don't work hard enough. If left unaddressed, your body ends up compensating for lazy, stiff, or stuck muscles and joints, and eventually you'll be sidelined by stress, illness, or injury.

I wrote HIT RESET to help you become a more balanced and resilient athlete. The fact is your body is engineered for balance. It's the expert, and if you pay attention, it will tell you exactly what you need to know. But because our perception of where we're at often fails to align with reality, the book includes a series of self-tests to help you assess and correct some of the most common imbalances plaguing athletes today. Everyone says, "Listen to your body." But it’s revolutionary to actually do it. It's not just about doing yoga, it's how you do it that matters. So pay attention and be willing to respond accordingly.

We've brought the self-tests from HIT RESET to life in a new video series designed to help you learn from your best teacher: your body.

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