Optimize your performance in 2015.


Whether you're a runner or cyclist, skier or snowboarder, winter is a great time to cross-train. This 4-week series will help you "Hit Reset" with practical injury prevention and recovery techniques that will balance your strength and flexibility — as well as effort and ease — and optimize your performance in 2015, no matter where your active lifestyle takes you.

Game plan:

Week 1: Core. Strengthen your center to improve your posture and gain more power in all your movement.
Week 2: Booty. Stabilize your hips and strengthen your stride.
Week 3: Arms. Ease shoulder stress and imbalances.
Week 4: Stress Relief. Learn practical techniques to ease physical and mental tension from your workouts and workdays.

Join us:

When: Tuesdays 6:30–7:30pm, January 6–27
Where: Aditi Yoga (Lotus Studio), 4206 Stone Way N.
Cost: $68 (includes all 4 classes in a small group setting and Picky Bars)



Find your strength in recovery.

Lulu demos how to put your feet up Like a Boss.

Lulu demos how to put your feet up Like a Boss.

“Am I going to be a vegetable?” Those were the first words I mustered to the ER nurse hovering over the stretcher. The reason I asked was that I couldn’t remember the past 45 minutes and was worried my brain was scrambled.

“No, your head seems fine,” he reassured me while wheeling an MRI machine over, just to make sure.

I had been t-boned by a Chrysler while riding my bike through Seattle at dusk on a fall night. The car hit me and I flew through the windshield, landing in the passenger seat next to a very startled 20-year-old woman. I then jumped back out the way I had entered, passed out in the middle of the intersection, and woke up en route to the Harborview ER in an ambulance. Amazingly, I survived the crash with only a Jackson Pollock-esque smattering of glass cuts and, oh yeah, a broken leg.

Enter recovery.

Sometimes as welcome as a cold beer and afternoon nap after a successful morning road race, sometimes unnervingly thrust upon us like a cyclist on the hood of a car, recovery is an important part of every active person’s life. But if you’re anything like me, recovery tends to last a little too long for comfort and the crazy-brain starts its bargaining. “Four to six weeks of rest” the doc might say… Well, how about after two I “test the waters” and try a little run? Next thing I know it’s been a year and I’m still in forced recovery mode, my body never having had the chance to fully heal.

So, how am I learning to let go and let recovery work its magic? One way has been to embrace the gift of time that appears with a break from my regularly scheduled activities. Filling the extra hours with coffee dates with old friends, finishing that book that’s been on the nightstand for months, going to the yoga class I never seem to have time for. And, maybe even more importantly, the slow down provides the opportunity to be honest with myself and recognize that I often place my self worth in what I’m able to accomplish and the satisfaction of an “always on the go” lifestyle. However, recovery periods have shown me that often strength lies more in what I am able to let go of than what I am able to achieve. 

The good news is, recovery eventually allows for return. It’s been six years since my accident, and my right leg still isn’t quite what it used to be, but it’s a hell of a lot better than it was — I can tell it’s getting stronger every year. In fact, I remember looking at my x-rays with my doctor while he explained that I wouldn’t be able to regularly run again after the accident. Well, I just ran my first marathon. And it won’t be my last. Booyah! 

If you’re in a recovery phase right now, why not throw on a pair of compression socks, put your legs up the wall, and take a deep breath in… a slow breath out? Before you know it, you’ll be back in the game. And you may even find there’s something you’ve enjoyed on the way back.



Technique Tuesday — Welcome hOMe.

The light is dimming. The rain (and snow!) is falling. The fires are crackling. This time of year invites a change of pace. The energy and buzz of the summer has faded and the streets are vacating as people start hibernating. Every year during this transition, I pause to reacquaint myself with the idea of “home.” Yes, there are kitchens, bedrooms, and bathrooms. But beyond the physical construct of our houses, what does “home” really represent? Safety? Freedom? Comfort? Belonging?

A couple of years ago, I sold my home and most of my belongings. I hit the road and spent more than a year traveling. During that time, my longing for “home” never died. But by the nature of my circumstances, I was forced to recalibrate my idea of what “home” meant… ”Home is where the heart is” took on a whole new meaning. It was this year of exciting and uprooted adventure that forced me to find home in a set of ideas rather than circumstances. That time ignited a new way of practicing yoga… I began using yoga as a tool to go inward and to find a sense of home in my own center — hOMe.

Ultimately, this is what the practice of yoga is about: an investment in ourselves to better understand our strengths and our weaknesses so that we can bring more balance to our physical and mental states. The more time we spend tuning "in," the easier it becomes to know what we need in order perform our best. It’s a game-changer to redefine home as a place within ourselves that holds the secrets for our own success. If we know how to unlock the door, it’s possible to experience balance on a whole new level. Despite the demands of our sports, our work, and our relationships, we can remain steadfast amidst ever-changing circumstances.

Now, with the holidays fast approaching, home can easily become a place of stress, anxiety, and tension. To step out of the madness, try re-imaging your home and do some yoga to support yourself. Make yourself at hOMe with a quick forward fold…

Try it: Standing Straddle Forward Fold at the Wall

  • Stand a foot or two away from a wall and lean your butt into the wall.
  • Step your feet wide apart, keeping your feet parallel.
  • Bend your knees a lot and walk your hands down your legs.
  • Keep your torso on or very close to your thighs — bend your knees more if you need to.
  • Bend and stretch your legs a few times before coming to stillness.
  • Drop your head to relax your neck and open your mouth to soften your jaw. Let your arms hang heavy.
  • If it feels like you aren't leaning back into the wall, bring your feet a little further forward from the wall — feel the support of the floor and wall beneath you as you press down through your feet and lean back into the wall.
  • Hold for 5–10 deep breaths.

Stay hOMe and help us spread the ease through New Year's Day by sharing your pics on Instagram and Twitter with #holidaysEASEon and tag @jasyogaseattle.



The #holidaysEASEon

Can you feel it? During the last month of the year, the pace seems to accelerate. People are already starting to ask, "Are you ready for the holidays?" Ready for what, exactly? Already, there's a palpable, collective expectation of stress. And it's not even December yet.

What if we all expect ease instead?

What if instead of trying to pack more in — more parties, more gifts, more friends, more family, more food, more workouts... — we prioritize a pause? Rather than forcing an early morning run when you have a packed schedule, sit for a few minutes and focus on how you want to feel for the rest of the day. After a long day at work, put your Legs Up the Wall for five minutes before racing off to eve holiday parties. Recognize that some days what you need most is to just let go of your to-do list and rest. Perhaps most importantly, allow yourself to absorb all that you've accomplished in 2014.

This is the #holidaysEASEon.

From Thanksgiving to New Year's Day, be still for at least five minutes a day. You can call it meditation, you can call it quiet time, you can call it deep breathing — call it whatever you want but just gift yourself that time to be still. Then, choose for the resulting feeling to set the tone and notice how that affects your attitude, your energy, and your interactions.

It's not a challenge — it's an invitation to ease. A few minutes of stillness is radical — revolutionary — and serves as a simple reminder that it's always available to us, even when things get a little cray.

Every day, we'll use Instagram and Twitter to share how we're staying easeful this time of year.

Help us spread the ease by sharing your own pics with #holidaysEASEon and tag @jasyogaseattle.

Can you feel it? The ease...



The Fall Reset

Heyyo it's time to Hit Reset!

With sunny days and tons of races, fall training has been optimal. Now, it’s time to make winter even better, OMies! Whether you've been training and racing or going hard at work, this special recovery sesh will help you Hit Reset — bring things back into balance for your winter activities. Learn practical techniques to improve flexibility, restore range of motion, and ease lingering tension and stress in the mind and body. Join us for a morning to breath big, stretch deep, be still, and absorb all that you've accomplished in 2014.

All levels welcome!

  • When: Sunday, December 7, 9–10am
  • Where: Shift Movement & Healing Arts, 3517 Stone Way N.
  • Cost: $17 includes Picky Bars

Please BYOM (bring your own mat) — we'll have a few extras.



Meet Team Jasyoga — Coach Anna Radford

We're thrilled to welcome longtime hOMegirl Anna Radford to Team Jasyoga as our newest coach. After several years of scheming about future collaboration while she was posted in Salt Lake City, the Seattle native is back in the Northwest and ready to spread the Reset Revolution. As a lifelong athlete, Anna brings a unique perspective to the mat — helping you to keep it real and optimize the potential for  your strength to be more graceful...

Fave sports?  
Running, yoga, snow shoeing, biking, hiking...

Any upcoming events/races?  
Right now I'm training for an active life.

What does the Reset Revolution mean to you?  
The revolution is the ability to bring balance to your life.  Often, we need to take a step back in order to reach our full potential.  Without the opportunity to rejuvenate a busy mind and body, you can never operate at 100%.

What do you do to Hit Reset?  
A good conversation with friends and a glass of red wine

Fill in the blank: "Yoga makes me feel ________."  

Read Anna's complete bio on our coach's page...



Technique Tuesday — Real Men Foam Roll

By now, you probably know that November is all about the bros...

So, this Technique Tuesday, wrap your head around this: Real men foam roll. Because stiff is not fit, we're adding the roller to your arsenal of #HitReset tactics — it will aid your recovery and help you avoid injuries. And, like we've been talking about all fall, the side body is a great place to start because this area is chronically neglected and stiff...

Try it: Side Bod Roll Out

  • Grab your foam roller. If you don't have one, a tightly-rolled yoga mat can work.
  • Turn on your side and do just what it sounds like: roll your sides.
  • Be sure to deepen your breathing as you get going because side body rolling can be intense and a steady breath will encourage your bod to find ease.
  • Focus on the area between your outer hip/side booty and just above the side of your knee — hello IT Band!
  • If you find a spot that feels especially intense, hold there for a few deep breaths before moving on.
  • Intersperse stopping and holding with smooth, steady rolling.
  • Spend 5 minutes on one side before switching.

Don't be surprised if it hurts so good! Happy rolling, hOMeboys (and hOMegirls!)...

Lets see how you're getting your Broga on this month: Share your pics on Twitter and Instagram with #broga and tag @jasyogaseattle @jasyogalondon



High 5, team!

We work hard to convey the benefits of yoga for athletes every day, and to help people Hit Reset — sustain balance for their sports, work, and life.

This wouldn’t be possible without the hard work of our team, especially our designer, Gary Wong, who has just won an American Health + Wellness Design Award from Graphic Design USA for his work on

As the site (and continues to evolve, we want you to come with us.

What else do want to see on Please comment below!



Broga is back.

A few highlights from Broga 2013...

A few highlights from Broga 2013...

"I'm too inflexible to do yoga." Sound familiar? Not pointing any fingers, but this month we're bustin' that myth, bros.

Enter Broga — bros doing Jasyoga (no perceived flexibility required). November aka Movember is men's health month so don your stache, roll out your mat, and get limber with us! Just like when you lift weights you get stronger, when you practice yoga you'll become more flexible. And that increased range of motion, hOMeboys, will enhance and optimize your strength.

Lets see how you're getting your Broga on this month: Share your pics on Twitter and Instagram with #broga and tag @jasyogaseattle @jasyogalondon

Need a little more motivation? Come Hit Reset at Broga and Beer on Saturday, November 15, an all-levels, man-friendly sesh followed by Hilliard's tallboys and Picky Bars.

Also: Team Jas-stache is back and taking on the Mustache Dache on November 8 — an event that supports Movember, the international men’s health charity. Get your stache on and join us!



Broga and Beer

It's (nearly) Movember — men's health month — and we're celebrating by bringin' broga back to Hilliard's Beer on November 15. That's right: Bros + Jasyoga = Broga.

Join us for an hour-long, mustache-friendly Jasyoga sesh complete with DJ Verse — We'll pre-game with Picky Bars and post-game with Hilliard's tallboys. Most importantly, we'll Hit Reset on stiff backs, hips, and hammies. No yoga experience necessary.

Please preregister — includes yoga, your first tallboy, and Picky Bars. Posse up the bros, and BYOM (bring your own mat).



Technique Tuesday — Motivation Meditation

Brianna aka B bustin' out the mental strength to crawl out of bed at 6am and climb this mountain.

Brianna aka B bustin' out the mental strength to crawl out of bed at 6am and climb this mountain.

The leaves are turning. The weather is cooling. The season is changing. The transition from summer to fall can be a bit abrupt in the Pacific Northwest. Our late Indian Summers keep our sunshiny spirits high well into October and then BOOM — it’s time for scarves, boots, and rain jackets. Once Halloween hits, it’s off to the holiday races, so it’s important to keep our crazy brains in check — to keep our minds strong — so that we can sustain balance and remain steady amongst the flurry of year-end activities.

Sometimes, mental strength manifests as simple motivation — to continue to wake up early even as the days shorten, to make it through your long weekend run even when it’s a little too chilly for comfort outside, or to make it to your Sunday yoga class even when you might be slightly hungover from tailgating the day before. Instead of focusing on how many steps are between you and your next finish line — whatever form that might be — focus on the step right in front of you. Just get up, just get dressed, just go. The key is to start from where you are because once you make that first step, you won’t turn back.

So, the next time you’re feeling overwhelmed or lacking the motivation to make some moves, hit up this simple meditation to boost your mental strength:

Try it: Motivation Meditation

  • Stop right where you are and focus on your breathing. No particular pattern or pace required, simply breathe deeply — this will help to relax and invigorate you, which creates the conditions for optimal performance.
  • Once your breathing feels steady, "feel" for your intention. Don't try to think of something to do, instead see where your attention naturally goes. If a few things come to mind, just pick one thing, and turn it into a clear, action-oriented word/phrase.
  • Take a deep inhale while thinking “I will...”
  • Then exhale while thinking your intention. For example: Inhale "I will..." exhale "run hard today..." OR Inhale "I will..." exhale "stretch my hamstrings for 5 minutes..."
  • Continue for at least 2 minutes so that even the action/task at hand begins to feel more easeful.
  • Eventually, stop repeating the words, acknowledge the motivation you've created around your intention, and GO OUT THERE AND KICK SOME BOOTY!

Motivation is like a muscle. You gotta work it. Keep it simple. Keep it steady. Keep it strong, OMies.



26.2 is no joke.

Lulu finishing strong at the Portland Marathon.

Lulu finishing strong at the Portland Marathon.

A marathon is something I’ve always wanted to do. This year, I turned 30 and decided it was time.

I crafted a training plan for the Portland Marathon and did a pretty good job of sticking to it. As a former 5K racer, the long runs took some getting used to. But, the feeling of completing runs longer than I’d ever done before was exhilarating. And exhausting. Thanks to some serious Jasyoga stretching, strengthening, and recovery, I made it through all the training without injury (a feat in and of itself). By the time race day rolled, around I was ready.

Heading to the start line with thousands of other brave souls in the still-dark morning was exciting. It’s incredible that weekend after weekend in cities worldwide, racers of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds take to the streets and bust out 26.2 miles.

The horn went off and away we went. I knew I should start out slower than my usual race pace because I was settling in for a long haul. Unfortunately, I didn’t do that. When I realized I was still up with the 3-hr. pacer for the whole first half, I checked myself and settled back into a groove with the 3:10 group. By around mile 18, I was riding the pain train. I slowed to what felt like a glacial jog. Over the next few miles, the 3:15 pacer passed by… then 3:20… then 3:25. By mile 22, my calves had locked up and I had to walk. I’ve been racing competitively for 16 years and I have never walked in a race.  

The next thing I knew, my boyfriend was running towards me. I took one look at him and burst into tears. He took my hand and we walked, him fetching water for me at the stations as we went. The 3:30 pacer passed us, then 3:35. “That’s Boston,” Chris told me, “do you think you can run?” I tried. Nope. So, we kept walking, my hand in his until mile 24, when he asked again if I could run. This time, we did. I ran (shuffled), Chris right beside me, all the way to the finish, where I crumpled into his arms in a heap of tears. Tears of pain, joy, deliriousness.

From a running perspective, that was a bad race — so bad that I felt embarrassed for the friends tracking my progress online. But, from a runner’s perspective, this is why I do this. 

“Really?” you might ask. Is it worth the early mornings, blood blisters, and (let’s be real) bathroom issues?


I do this for the community — for people like Chris, who take my hand during the deepest, darkest hour and help me to find something more that I didn’t know I had. For Anny, my high school coach, who pushed me, believed in me, and loved me into the person I am today. For my college teammates with whom I spent countless hours traveling, eating, laughing, crying, sweating, and showering with, and who remain some of my greatest friends today.

I plod along, much slower than I once was, because I still have days where the air in my lungs and the ground under my feet make me feel like I’m flying. I know when I lace up my shoes and head out the door I’m exactly where I need to be. 

I run because I must.

And 26.2, you haven’t licked me yet. I’ll be back, wiser, stronger, and better from the experience — you can count on it.



Go into the feeling...

Making moves at the St. Edwards Harvest Half near Seattle earlier this month...

Making moves at the St. Edwards Harvest Half near Seattle earlier this month...

Taking a step back from teaching during this transitional phase — from full-time student to full-time nurse — of my life has given me quite the gift of space. In this space, I’ve had more time for my own yoga practice, and more time to reflect on the themes offered up to me by my teachers and teammates.

In particular, I’ve been thinking about one of Jasyoga’s focuses for this fall… Strength. I would be lying if I were to say I’m not a fearful person. I’ve been feeling especially nervous about my role transition at work. The approach I’ve taken is to tell myself to “be strong” by bottling my fears and pushing forward with clenched teeth. This hasn’t proven particularly productive. I realize now that the more I try to be strong by pushing away my feelings, the more strength I give to them.

Leave it to Elena Brower — the teacher of my teacher — to blow open the fault lines in my thinking with a simple pre-meditation practice. In her class (check it out on YogaGlo), she emphasizes creating space to simply feel how you feel and to accept feelings, rather than to "become" them, to create space around them, and as a result more clearly discern how you want to respond. I realized that, while I’ve been working to create space, I’ve missed the memo on acceptance. And, when I really examine myself, I realize that turning away from fear is the opposite of strength.

I’m beginning to accept that true strength actually means allowing yourself to be vulnerable — to feel anxious, to feel undone, to feel fear. Repression is not strength — it’s avoidance. So, the only way to truly embody strength is to bravely dive into the feeling and to sit with.  It’s only then that we’re able to choose how to react.

Honesty check again: I’ve discovered I’m quite skilled in repression. However, I am trying step-by-step, moment-by-moment, to find the strength to feel how I feel and know that that's okay. And that is strength.

Earlier this month, I ran my first trail race… Ever. It provided ample opportunity to practice this new mindset. As I stood on the start line with 13.1 miles of unknown trail lining the next few hours of my life, I felt nervous and fearful of the impending pain. Usually in these circumstances, my self-talk would have been something along the lines of “Kendra, you weenie. Stop being afraid it won't hurt.” Then, I remembered Lauren Fleshman saying almost every race she ever raced hurt… And I thought 'Well, if a pro-runner hurts when she runs, you don't stand a chance girl so go ahead, feel afraid, it's gonna hurt, and we are gonna do it anyway'." And I did. Yes, it did hurt like a mofo, but you better believe my body and mind were stronger (and fingers crossed a little faster!) in the end for it!



What does teamwork mean to you?



Can you feel the potent camaraderie around you? We're all on teams... in sports, in work, and in life. We're all doing something, all supporting something, all about something. Whether you're the pace setter or the role player, the coach, the captain, or the crazy ass fan, when you point your passion at something, you contribute to the success of the collective, the team.

A recent blog by Oiselle elite runner Kate Grace got me thinking a lot about teamwork. “A team is more than a uniform,” Kate writes. “It's encouragement and support before and after competition. It's frequent interaction, about running, but also just about the daily grind. It's friendly competition — pushing each other to the next level in workouts. It's running together, cheering on friends together at the water-stop.”

These words give a voice to the Truth that is Team.

One of the reasons I started building Team Jasyoga a few years ago is because I knew that athletes needed yoga and that Jasyoga would have a much broader impact — it would help more people — as a collaborative perspective/voice/team, rather than an individual effort. Just like your body is designed to function as an integrated whole, when we work together, our strength is amplified — optimized. Plus, teamwork keeps things real. Real fun.

So feel it, embrace it, be about it: Teamwork. And, no matter what kind of start line you're heading to this season, remember that every time you take a deep breath in... a slow breath out... everything you do to sustain balance will optimize what you bring to your team.

Here's what teamwork means to us...

"Together we know more than anyone individually... From my experience in community work and yoga teaching, the potential for what a team can accomplish with shared wisdom and gifts far outweighs what any single person can accomplish on their own.”
– Bree Dillon

“At Jasyoga, I really feel like I am working with a dream team. We all have a way of thinking, living, being that connects us. Not only do we work hard together, but we laugh together. We cheer for each other. We share lessons we learn along the way. We talk about our biggest dreams and always feel supported. We look to one another for inspiration. Even when we aren't looking it is easy to feel. Inspiration that comes from a combined effort, that sense of camaraderie from a shared experience, that is teamwork.”
– Brianna Sweeney

“When it comes to teamwork, I have always felt like this Phil Jackson quote sums it up well and speaks to the spirit of Team Jasyoga: ‘The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.’”
– Hilary Dahl

"Teamwork is jumping all-in — it's knowing that you must sacrifice the self for the collective. But, in sacrificing the goals and aspirations of the individual, much like in sacrificing the wants of the ego, you gain a tremendous amounty of community and support. In my experience, that makes space to set the bar even higher. What you can achieve as an individual is only enhanced by a team."
–Kendra Clawson

“I have one quote that I say at least once a week that definitely reflects teamwork — ‘Two brains are better than one’.”
– Duni Disston

“Teamwork equals making the impossible, possible. With a team, there is unlimited strength. Working together leads to success!”
– Riko Shimizu

What does teamwork mean to you?



Technique Tuesday — Side Plank

We’ve been talking a lot about side bending lately. However, ultimately the goal is to balance strength and flexibility, so now let's talk side body strengthening.

Because the majority of our movement is so forward-oriented — sitting, walking, running, cycling, etc. — the sides of the body tend to be not only tight, but also weak. When the muscles on the sides of your body are weak, they can’t do their job to keep areas like hips and core stable. As a result, your posture and form will suffer, regardless of your sport or activity — especially when you’re tired.

Side Plank is great because is strengthens the sides of the body as well as core. Hold for 5+ deep breaths before switching sides.

Try it: Side Plank

  • Come onto your right hand, rotating your arm so that the fingers point away from the rest of your bod — spread your fingers wide and evenly distribute your weight as you press down evenly (rather than loading up your wrist).
  • Straighten your legs and come onto the outside edge of your right foot, keeping your feet flexed, and stack the rest of your bod directly on top.
  • Engage your core to bring your bod into a long line, and reach your top arm up.
  • If that feels tough, lower your bottom knee to the ground for support (especially if you feel like you butt is sagging or your bottom shoulder feels unstable).
  • Turn your head wherever feels the most comfortable to your neck.
  • If you can keep everything stable, reach your top arm overhead, without side bending.

If you’re up for a few reps, try lowering down and resting in Side Lounge before repeating.

Lets see how you and your team are getting stronger: Share your strength pics on Twitter and Instagram with #teamwork and tag @jasyogaseattle @jasyogalondon



Strengthen Your Body, Strengthen Your Team

It’s go time: It’s Marathon Month, Cross country season is upon us, soccer, volleyball, and (American) football are underway, crews are taking to the water for head races, basketball preseason is near… not to mention new fall projects at work and beyond.

It’s time to be strong.

What does that mean, anyway?

I'll skip the scientific definition (nerd alert!) of strength and instead say that I equate strength with balance. When we’re in balance, things function more optimally and our strength is optimized.

When it comes to yoga, people often assume it's all about stretching. It’s true: We stretch a lot. However, it's also a powerful means to build functional — practical — physical (we'll explore the mental side next month) strength. Many yoga poses cleverly mimic common sports movement patterns, helping to address both your prime movers (your big, visible muscles), as well as the smaller, intrinsic muscles that provide stability, create balance around your joints, and ultimately add power to your movement — kind of like putting a little extra spring into your step.

For example, most people can walk and run with relative ease, yet when ask I a group of runners (or any group of athletes) to do a simple Single Leg Balance, it quickly becomes, well, a shit show. That's because we commonly rely on momentum and our bodies are quick to compensate for lack of strength, rather than addressing it head-on. So, while Single Leg Balance mirrors the posture and lower body movement pattern required for walking or running, it's way tougher when we remove momentum from the equation and more muscles have to actually do their job to stabilize us.

Single Leg Balance. Not as easy as it looks...

Single Leg Balance. Not as easy as it looks...

Now, imagine how much more powerful of a runner you would be if you could Single Leg Balance like a Boss? Exactly. That's what I'm talking about: Building strength that's relevant to your sport.

With both your body and your team, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. So, lets Hit Reset on our strength this month — bring it back into balance — by using simple yoga poses and sequences to build more integrated, functional strength for your sports, your work, and your life. Strengthen your body and you will strengthen your team. Together, we will all be stronger.

What does strength mean to you? How are you and your team getting stronger this month?

Share your pics on Twitter and Instagram with #teamwork and tag @jasyogaseattle @jasyogalondon



How Picky Bars HQ Hits Reset

Let's be real: "Balance" at the office sometimes seems counterintuitive. While your job might not always feel easeful, consciously "resetting" throughout the day can help you feel and perform your best, regardless of the task at hand. Plus, it's fun. This month, Picky Bars' Money Making Specialist and Oiselle pro runner Mel Lawrence shares the inside scoop on how the Picky crew Hits Reset at work and beyond...

Picky HQ can be stressful — orders in, orders out, meetings, competitive corn hole, brainstorming, and much more. Everyone needs to Hit Reset and this is how we hit it out of the park…

Sometimes we Hit Reset together and head out for a group run from HQ, followed by classic Jasyoga Legs Up the Wall. This is immediately followed by a game of corn hole, which gets everyone worked up into a competitive frenzy. Being around friends and coworkers is a great way to relax after a workday, but sometimes you need solo time to get refocused.

For example, Anna, our graphic designer, needs to get away from her huge computer screen. Staring at the little details on packaging and putting a lot of energy into deciding which color is better — Sea Green or Shamrock Green — is enough to make anyone go a little nuts. She Hits Reset by letting her creative juices flow on some good old-fashioned pen and paper.

Mike, our man with the mad packing skills, absolutely loves to snowboard. Urban legend says he's snowboarded every month of the year and well over 150 days a year. Those snow lovers can't board all the time, so while he waits patiently and does snow dances all summer long, you’ll catch him jamming to heavy metal while watching snowboard videos. 

Matt, our spreadsheet guru, is a die-hard New England sports fan, and his version of Hitting Reset is catching any Red Sox, Patriots, or Celtics game. He's a former competitive Nordic skier and knows the power of quiet meditative time, so sometimes he just needs some Legs Up the Wall and a power nap with the game on TV.

Patrick, our problem solver, is a self-proclaimed coffee connoisseur. His “Reset” just takes a quick walk over to our favorite coffee shop, Palate, for a great cup of coffee.

And me? Well, after running, answering a plethora of emails, making it through a flurry of phone calls, and getting too worked up after a close game of corn hole, you’ll find me laying on the floor in “starfish.”

How do you and your work OMies #HitReset?



Technique Tuesday — Side Lounge

Alongside the transition into fall, now’s a great time to shift your perspective — and by that we mean get beyond your habits. By now, you may have heard us touting the benefits of side bending:

  • Get outside your habitual (forward-oriented) movement patterns
  • Keep the often-neglected sides of your body limber
  • Open up your lungs
  • Feels awesome

So, here’s another addition to your side body stretching arsenal. Because this one is passive, it’s more optimal to hit it up post-workout. Hold for 10+ deep breaths…

Try it: Side Lounge

  • Lie on your left side and lean your weight onto your left hand — your leg/hip/shoulder should all be in a straight line.
  • Set your right foot to the floor in front of your left thigh, so that your right knee points toward the ceiling.
  • Let your left shoulder move toward your left ear, while you keep your shoulder blade moving toward the center of your upper back.
  • You should feel a gentle “pull” all the way down your left side — if that’s too intense, lower onto your left forearm.

Lets see how you’re shifting your perspective this fall: Share your side bend pics on Twitter and Instagram with #sidebend and tag @jasyogaseattle @jasyogalondon



#HitReset at Work

Feeling frazzled at work? No surprise there — from heavy workloads to long hours at your desk, the workplace is one of the most common places to find yourself out of balance.

That's why we're heading back to work (literally) this fall with our Corporate Team Training — practical workplace yoga sessions designed to strengthen your team and optimize your performance at the office and beyond. The Jasyoga approach helps to reduce job stress, and also relieve and prevent the aches and pains that accompany all that computer time. Sessions are easily integrated into even the busiest of schedules, and leave employees feeling limber, relaxed, and productive.

Need some help convincing your boss that putting your Legs Up the Wall will optimize your workday performance? Tell them this:

Aetna research has shown that employees who practice yoga enjoy a 33 percent reduction of work-related stress, and studies report that each dollar spent on yoga in the workplace returns approximately $3 to the employer in saved healthcare costs.

Plus, we're offering half-off an intro session to new corporate teams who join our roster this fall.

So, posse up your work team and lets Hit Reset at your office.



Technique Tuesday — Shift Your Perspective

Lets face it: We are creatures of habit. Mostly, we sit, walk, run, and, well, sit some more. Our movement (and lack thereof) and resulting posture is all very forward-oriented — the front of the body (especially across hips and chest) is shortened, the upper back is overstretched, and the head cranes forward. This is not a very balanced way of being in or using our bodies. More importantly, whether you’re a runner, cyclist, or office warrior, if you fail to remind your body what’s possible aside from all that flopping forward, it will literally forget.

Luckily, it doesn’t take much to shift your perspective and bring things back into balance as a result. Our go-to: Side bends. We often recommend  this baby to help open up your lungs and stretch the connective tissue that spans your rib cage — optimal “side stitch” mitigation — but lets get side bendy this fall to also help get you outside your usual range of motion, keep the muscles that live along the sides of your body limber, and shift your perspective beyond your habits. This more balanced way of being affords abundant possibilities…

Try it: Criss-Cross Side Bend

This is our fave side bend variation. Hit it up immediately post-run or –walk, when you hop off your bike, or as a break from sitting at your desk or on your couch.

  • Bring your feet hip's width apart and keep your knees bent slightly.
  • Turn your palms forward and reach your arms overhead.
  • Cross your right arm in front of your left, bringing the backs of your palms together.
  • Cross your right leg over your left, keeping your feet flexed and knees slightly bent.
  • Bend your torso toward the left as you reach your crossed arms to the left —the bend should at the bottom of your rib cage aka the middle of your spine.
  • Be sure you don’t start to flop forward — if that’s tough, don’t bend quite so far.
  • Gently squeeze your inner thighs together to help you balance, while keeping the lower body stable — don’t let your legs/hips/low back move at all, especially as you deepen your bend.
  • Hold for 5–10 deep breaths before switching sides…

Bonus! You can also side bend while sitting or lying down. Follow the key alignment points above and get creative. Lets see how you’re shifting your perspective this fall: Share your side bend pics on Twitter and Instagram with #sidebend and tag @jasyogaseattle @jasyogalondon