Kara Goucher
2x Olympian
2007 World Championships 10k bronze medalist

“[I’m committed to] doing all the little things that add up to something big. Taking the time to stretch while watching TV at night, doing my hip exercises everyday, doing five minutes of yoga to lengthen the body, and talking through the stressors and reframing them so it’s back to a career that I love.”

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Alysia Montaño
2012 Olympian + 7 x USA Champion

“Many of us are so stubborn; we do more than we need to do. It’s a process. We need to recognize what our bodies are telling us.”

“I meditate on my goals. I’m huge on saying my goals outloud and on having affirmations. I’ll say them outloud, and I always have affirmations or goals stuck to the mirror. All the time.”

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Stephanie Howe Violett
Ultra Runner
Western States 100, 2014 Champion

“Being an Athlete for Yoga means taking the time to give my body a gift. I ask so much of it when I’m training and I feel like yoga is my way of giving back and saying thank you. When I treat my body well and take care of the little things, it allows me to push it further. It’s a great balance and an important part of being a professional athlete. With every relationship there is give and take, and yoga helps me to balance this relationship with my body.”
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Lauren Fleshman
Pro Runner, Oiselle Little Wing Coach

Linsey Corbin
Pro Triathlete

"Personally, Reset Revolution provides great meaning to me as a professional triathlete. My job is much more than swimming, biking, and running. Finding balance both during training, racing and, most importantly, life is paramount to reaching success. Taking time each day, even if it is just a few minutes for those of us with busy schedules, to Hit Reset is a crucial part of my routine. I like to take a moment to have gratitude for my body and what it provides me with. I like to check-in daily with myself and see what feels good and what needs some TLC. Lastly, I like to take a few moments to pocket some deep breaths. Some days I include an in-depth stretching and balance routine, while other days, I just have a quick Reset."

Norris Fredrick
Pro Long Jumper

"It’s about letting go and being like the kid that first found track and fell in love with it. As a pro, I’m conscious of doing certain things because I don’t want to get hurt but the reality is I’ve hurt myself in my sport more than anything else. With yoga, it’s amazing to see something that looks so simple make such a big impact."