Real Food with Steph: Fueling on the Fly

We're back with Athlete for Yoga and nutritionist Stephanie Howe Violett. With summer adventures around the corner, and destination races on the calendar, fueling can be a challenge. Luckily we have Stephanie here to help you make a plan to fuel your body well no matter where you are, especially before competition. Read on!

Eating well on the road presents some challenges. I mean, let’s start with airports. TSA, I know you are trying to do your job, but isn’t my 4oz container of yogurt harmless?! I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve had my food discarded. But... that’s my breakfast! I get it. But it’s still not fun to your breakfast thrown away. I digress. 

And how about when you arrive at your destination? What if you are staying in a small hotel room? How are you ever going to eat well without a kitchen?!

I travel A LOT, and through trial and error I’ve learned a thing or two about packing food for the road. There are a few foods I never leave the house without: 

  1. Fruit. I usually pack apples or oranges in my carry on. When everyone else is enjoying their complimentary bag of pretzels, I happily eat my fruit and get stares of envy. 
  2. Carrots. Carrots travel well and can be quite satisfying between meals. I usually buy bulk carrots, but a bag of baby carrots works well too. Think of all the beta carotene!
  3. Oatmeal. I always bring oatmeal. It’s like my security blanket. In a pinch, a bowl of oatmeal can be the base for almost any meal. I’ve created an airport dinner using oats (almost anywhere will give you hot water), a side of avocado from one restaurant, some greens from another, and a hardboiled egg. Success!
  4. Coffee + french press. I confess, I’m a coffee snob. I’ll blame Oregon for that problem. I need NEED my coffee, and good coffee at that. There’s no way I’m drinking Starbucks! So I bring my own. I have a small French press and get my own beans before I leave town. That way all I need is hot water! I’ve made my own coffee at the airport, in an airplane, in a hotel room, camping, in my car, etc. It makes the day start SO much better.
  5. Nuts & seeds. I bring an assortment of nuts and seeds to snack on. I like to pack almonds and walnuts for snacking on and chia and flax seeds to mix into my oatmeal. 
  6. Chocolate. I have a slight sweet tooth and I like a small bit of chocolate. 
  7. Peanut Butter. If I have a vice, it’s the almighty nut butter. I literally don’t go a day without peanut butter. It wouldn’t be right! Since it can be hard to find on the road, I pack my own. I usually opt for the small Justin’s nut butter packets because they are easy to pack. They also pair really well with oatmeal + a banana for an airport breakfast!

Happy Travels!

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