Happy Global Running Day!

Happy Global Running Day! We've celebrating all week with a yoga streak (at least 5 minutes a day)!

New to Jasyoga Video? Or just need some inspiration? We asked the Twitterverse of runners why they run and what their favorite resets are. Here's what they said... 


I Run Because...
it slows me down, helps me process, builds me back up, and brings me joy. And let’s be real, it’s fun!

Favorite Reset(s)
Quick Hip Reset + Running Efficiency Boost


I Run Because...
of my 14 year old daughter (then 4 years old) didn't have kids to play with because the girlfriends I had didn't have kids her age. So we joined LA Fitness-treadmill plus play center. Perfect! I started walking/running. She eventually started kindergarten, and I took it outside running longer each time. I found it was a great stress reliever for the challenges of raising my other daughter (now 20) who fell on the high functioning autism spectrum with Aspergers traits and anxiety with school. But over the years, running became part of me. It led me to discover my own voice. Not just the voice that was the advocate for the older daughter. I found Yissel. Running has brought me a community that has embraced me and blessed me with amazing friendships. Running has reminded me that I am capable of great things. Running gives me the courage to pursue my dreams in all areas of my life. Running is a gift that God has given me that I treasure. Running gives me the opportunity to push myself and see what I can accomplish as a masters runner. Why do I run? It is my passion that has given me my purpose to be the best version of myself and, hopefully, an example to my daughters in how to live and not just exist. 

Favorite Reset(s)
Running Efficiency Boost


I Run Because...
I run because … I love the way it makes me feel mentally and physically, I love the routine and challenge, I love the solitude, the community and the connections.

Favorite Reset(s)
Um, you’re asking an addict. Pre-run: How to Warm Up + some Align Your Stride moves. Post-run: How to Kickstart Recovery. At night: High Mileage Reset, Optimal Hip, Sunday Reset, Head to Toe, Booty Lock Mitigation AND I’m trying to sneak in Running Efficiency Boost


I Run...
to be free! I love the sense of freedom and energy I get from running.

Favorite Reset(s)
I love the Comprehensive Hip & Hamstring Reset. It's long but always good when my legs get worked! (I also love 5-min Quad Reset)


Favorite Reset(s)
5-Minute Calf Reset and the 26.2 Collection High Mileage Reset

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