Jasyoga Pro Tip: Take it Off the Mat

What you do on your yoga mat has a direct impact on everything you do in sport and life. Rather than confining your practice to the dimensions of your yoga mat, take it everywhere with you — to your workouts, your work, and everywhere else. Connecting your mind to your body is the true power of your practice.

For example, in the Running Efficiency Boost video, we strengthen the core and glutes, increase hip mobility, and practice arm swing. When you do the video, you're connecting the dots of how to use yoga to make you a better runner. So then, when you lace up and head out, consciously maintain your awareness of what you've just done — visualize the moves you've done on your mat even as you stride it out.

Try it: Pre-game your next workout with Jasyoga Video and then keep focusing on what you've done on the mat as you dive into what's next. Feel the difference. 

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