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Pro Tip: Get More from Core

Ready to optimize your core work? Get real about the engineering of your body and work from neutral. But how do you know you’re working from neutral? The body easily forgets where center is, so use this Pro Tip to find the right position and maximize every minute on the mat.

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Jasyoga Pro Tip: Tame Your Taper

If you’ve got a race on the calendar this fall, it’s nearly time—taper time. It can be a confusing space to navigate, but it doesn’t have to be. Instead of throwing a taper tantrum, embrace this critical time to wind down your workouts and gather your energy and strength for competition. We'll help you shift your focus to recovery so that you can fully absorb all of your hard work with this easy routine!

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Jasyoga Pro Tip: Palms Up

Jasyoga Pro Tips are quick, effective, easy-to-use tips to optimize your time on, and off, the mat. This month — how can you can open your chest and improve posture every time you lie on your back? Just turn your palms up. Learn why and how to incorporate this tip into your daily life! 

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