How Picky Bars HQ Hits Reset

Let's be real: "Balance" at the office sometimes seems counterintuitive. While your job might not always feel easeful, consciously "resetting" throughout the day can help you feel and perform your best, regardless of the task at hand. Plus, it's fun. This month, Picky Bars' Money Making Specialist and Oiselle pro runner Mel Lawrence shares the inside scoop on how the Picky crew Hits Reset at work and beyond...

Picky HQ can be stressful — orders in, orders out, meetings, competitive corn hole, brainstorming, and much more. Everyone needs to Hit Reset and this is how we hit it out of the park…

Sometimes we Hit Reset together and head out for a group run from HQ, followed by classic Jasyoga Legs Up the Wall. This is immediately followed by a game of corn hole, which gets everyone worked up into a competitive frenzy. Being around friends and coworkers is a great way to relax after a workday, but sometimes you need solo time to get refocused.

For example, Anna, our graphic designer, needs to get away from her huge computer screen. Staring at the little details on packaging and putting a lot of energy into deciding which color is better — Sea Green or Shamrock Green — is enough to make anyone go a little nuts. She Hits Reset by letting her creative juices flow on some good old-fashioned pen and paper.

Mike, our man with the mad packing skills, absolutely loves to snowboard. Urban legend says he's snowboarded every month of the year and well over 150 days a year. Those snow lovers can't board all the time, so while he waits patiently and does snow dances all summer long, you’ll catch him jamming to heavy metal while watching snowboard videos. 

Matt, our spreadsheet guru, is a die-hard New England sports fan, and his version of Hitting Reset is catching any Red Sox, Patriots, or Celtics game. He's a former competitive Nordic skier and knows the power of quiet meditative time, so sometimes he just needs some Legs Up the Wall and a power nap with the game on TV.

Patrick, our problem solver, is a self-proclaimed coffee connoisseur. His “Reset” just takes a quick walk over to our favorite coffee shop, Palate, for a great cup of coffee.

And me? Well, after running, answering a plethora of emails, making it through a flurry of phone calls, and getting too worked up after a close game of corn hole, you’ll find me laying on the floor in “starfish.”

How do you and your work OMies #HitReset?