Technique Tuesday — Side Lounge

Alongside the transition into fall, now’s a great time to shift your perspective — and by that we mean get beyond your habits. By now, you may have heard us touting the benefits of side bending:

  • Get outside your habitual (forward-oriented) movement patterns
  • Keep the often-neglected sides of your body limber
  • Open up your lungs
  • Feels awesome

So, here’s another addition to your side body stretching arsenal. Because this one is passive, it’s more optimal to hit it up post-workout. Hold for 10+ deep breaths…

Try it: Side Lounge

  • Lie on your left side and lean your weight onto your left hand — your leg/hip/shoulder should all be in a straight line.
  • Set your right foot to the floor in front of your left thigh, so that your right knee points toward the ceiling.
  • Let your left shoulder move toward your left ear, while you keep your shoulder blade moving toward the center of your upper back.
  • You should feel a gentle “pull” all the way down your left side — if that’s too intense, lower onto your left forearm.

Lets see how you’re shifting your perspective this fall: Share your side bend pics on Twitter and Instagram with #sidebend and tag @jasyogaseattle @jasyogalondon