What does slowing down mean to you?

Let's be real — things can get a little cray this time of year. Time seems to be accelerating.

How to deal? Slow down!

That doesn't mean you'll run slower, or get less done, or gain a few lbs. Slowing down doesn't mean you have to stop. Instead, consider slowing down as a practice of staying present and steady, even amid a flurry of activity. Keep things slow in your head — put more space between each of your thoughts — even as you continue your training, ramp up your planning, or dive head-first into party mode. Recognize when you're going "ugh" and turn it into "aha" by being willing to respond.

Ditch your to-do list, take a Legs Up the Wall break, kick back with a beer... do what you gotta do. We too will be adjusting the pace this December and creating the space needed to gear up for some big changes coming to the Reset Revolution in 2014. Here's a sneak peek at January.

Until then, go slow — no matter what that means to you.

We wish you an ease-ful month.

Erin + Team Jasyoga

Erin TaylorComment