Bros + Jasyoga = Broga.

Happy men’s health month aka Movember, bros!

We’re celebrating the male athletes and OMies out there with a month of Broga. That’s right: Bros + Jasyoga = Broga.

Whether you’re a yoga rookie dude, or you have a man in your life who you think would benefit from hitting reset, check out for our current man-friendly drop-in classes. Or, if you're more motivated by beer than downward-facing dog (can't say we blame you), join us for the next edition of Jasyoga at Hilliard’s Beer on November 23.

And, watch out! The Jas-staches are taking on the Mustache Dash on November 16 — an event that supports Movember, the international men’s health charity. Get your stache on and join us!

Erin TaylorComment