Stephanie howe violett

Pro trail + ultra runner
Western States 100-Mile Champion 2014
Oregon, USA


Stephanie dominates the trails and is a gritty and unrelenting competitor who admits to being stubborn and almost unable to DNF. The Western States Endurance Run champ embodies and exemplifies so many of Jasyoga's core values — she prioritizes recovery in her training, constantly works on her mind body connection, is patient and steady in her athletic pursuits, pursues balance in all areas of her life, and is highly invested in the process. You can truly see her love of adventure and the journey guiding her career.

She also holds a PhD in Nutrition & Exercise Science and is an expert in so many facets of the sports world. She is a leader in trail and ultra running — as a competitor, peer, and advocate for the sport and wilderness she loves to play in. 


"I ask a lot out of my body. I push my body to its physical and mental limits on a regular basis. Jasyoga is my way of giving back to my body. I use yoga to reset and support my body. The ying and the yang. Train hard and recover harder."

"I spend many hours on the trail with my own thoughts. I train my body as well ad my mind to perform. I use Jasyoga to maintain the connection between my mind and body. When I'm running 100 miles in the mountains by myself, the ability to stay connected is crucial. My yoga practice helps me to stay present and keep my head and heart in align."

"I love to push my body to it's limits, but I also love to rest, recharge, and take care of my body. Incorporating Jasyoga into my daily routine is an important part of my training. Recovery and self care is so important for being able to push my body day after day."

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