Jasyoga School is in Session

Is it just us or does September always have that back to school feeling no matter how far from the classroom we get? That sharpened pencil, blank notebook, new binder, clean locker, fresh start feel? Inspiration strikes to learn new things — it's time to get moving! We’re dedicating this month to learning and growing. Join us!

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Stephanie Violett Talks Western States 2018

Stephanie Violett finished Western States 2018 as 6th woman after a rocky spring of training. She was in 2nd until mile 80 when she unknowingly partially tore her VMO (one of four quad muscles). We caught up with her during post-race recovery to talk about the race and what's next! 

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Andie Cozzarelli Ready to Race Grandma's Marathon 2018

Andie Cozzarelli qualified for the Olympic Trials Marathon with a 1:12 half marathon just a year after graduating from North Carolina State University. Since then she’s been on a road of ups and downs. Last December she had a disappointing race at California International Marathon, which lead her to evaluate everything from her training to her recovery to her gut health. She’s now ready to race and will line up at Grandma’s Marathon on June 16. Find out how she went from one of her lowest races to aiming for her second OTQ using recovery, meditation, and more.

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Matt Dixon: What Every Athlete Can Learn From Triathletes

Matt Dixon is a world-class triathlon coach, former pro triathlete and elite swimmer, and an exercise physiologist. You might also know him as Jesse Thomas' coach — amongst countless other IRONMAN pros — and the host of Purple Patch Podcast. He's combined his unique expertise and experience to form the backbone of his coaching philosophy, the Purple Patch Pillars of Performance. We love Matt's approach because it's incredibly balanced, and it gets results for athletes ranging from enthusiast to elite — plus he keeps it real, serving up practical solutions for even the most time-starved individuals.

We asked Matt what every athlete (no matter the sport) can learn from multi-sport athletes and his wisdom is game-changing. You're going to love his insight!

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Introducing The Yoga for Pregnant Athletes Collection

The Yoga for Pregnant Athletes Collection includes eight new prenatal yoga videos designed to help you meet yourself where you are, every day, every trimester. To address the undeniable accompanying physical discomforts and ease your body into alignment as it continually grows, shifts, and changes. To prepare you for labor and birth, no matter the birth plan. And to help you lean into pregnancy, to learn from it, and to find the ability to trust and surrender to the process, no matter what comes up for you along the way.

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