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Jasyoga + Oiselle, A Love Story

When I think about Oiselle, my heart lifts.

The first time I rolled up to the Nest to teach Sally & co. some Jasyoga for Runners, we didn't know much about each other. They were yoga rookies (and skeptics) and I, well, put it this way: I didn't even know who Lauren Fleshman is. But by the end of that first hour together, I had fallen head over heels in love with the sisterhood of the bird — women everywhere who "Go Fast, Take Chances." Since then, we’ve shared countless hamstring stretches, miles, shenanigans, burgers, beers, and laughs. Thinking about where we’ve been over the last few years gives me goosebumps because I know that now we’re on a whole new starting line.

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Technique Tuesday — Welcome hOMe.

The light is dimming. The rain (and snow!) is falling. The fires are crackling. This time of year invites a change of pace. The energy and buzz of the summer has faded and the streets are vacating as people start hibernating. Every year during this transition, I pause to reacquaint myself with the idea of “home.” Yes, there are kitchens, bedrooms, and bathrooms. But beyond the physical construct of our houses, what does “home” really represent? Safety? Freedom? Comfort? Belonging?

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Meet Team Jasyoga — Coach Anna Radford

We're thrilled to welcome longtime hOMegirl Anna Radford to Team Jasyoga as our newest coach. After several years of scheming about future collaboration while she was posted in Salt Lake City, the Seattle native is back in the Northwest and ready to spread the Reset Revolution. As a lifelong athlete, Anna brings a unique perspective to the mat — helping you to keep it real and optimize the potential for your strength to be more graceful...

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What does teamwork mean to you?

Can you feel the potent camaraderie around you? We're all on teams... in sports, in work, and in life. We're all doing something, all supporting something, all about something. Whether you're the pace setter or the role player, the coach, the captain, or the crazy ass fan, when you point your passion at something, you contribute to the success of the collective, the team.

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How Picky Bars HQ Hits Reset

Let's be real: "Balance" at the office sometimes seems counterintuitive. While your job might not always feel easeful, consciously "resetting" throughout the day can help you feel and perform your best, regardless of the task at hand. Plus, it's fun. This month, Picky Bars' Money Making Specialist and Oiselle pro runner Mel Lawrence shares the inside scoop on how the Picky crew Hits Reset at work and beyond...

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Meet Team Jasyoga — Intern Riko Shimizu

Team Jasyoga is growing and we're psyched to welcome our new Intern, Riko Shimizu. Now heading into her senior year on the UW Tennis Team, Riko has been playing tennis since she was 8 years old. Originally from Tokyo, Japan, she has traveled the world (Morocco was her fave!) pursuing her passion, was consistently ranked in the top 20 in the U.S. pre-college, and has won national and international titles.

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