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New! Core Videos Are Here

Your core is your powerhouse. It moves you forward, stabilizes your spine, protects you from injury, and so much more. And when we train it in a way that supports the engineering of our bodies, it makes everything work better — kind of like an internal connecting of the dots. It lights us up from the inside out.

Meet our new core videos!

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Win 2019 with the Jasyoga App

ICYMI, the Jasyoga App is now live on iOS and Android! We’re thrilled to see so many athletes downloading, practicing, and leading by example as they use yoga to make progress toward their goals this year. Boom — lets do this!

Here’s 3 ways to use the Jasyoga App to help you win 2019!

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Jasyoga School: Embrace Balance

It’s the final week of Jasyoga School! In week one, we learned how to listen to our bodies, adapt as needed, and to structure optimal recovery sessions. Through week two we got schooled in functional strength focused on intrinsic muscles that create stability and optimize power. In this final week, we’ll learn about Balance.

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Jasyoga School is in Session

Is it just us or does September always have that back to school feeling no matter how far from the classroom we get? That sharpened pencil, blank notebook, new binder, clean locker, fresh start feel? Inspiration strikes to learn new things — it's time to get moving! We’re dedicating this month to learning and growing. Join us!

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Introducing The Yoga for Pregnant Athletes Collection

The Yoga for Pregnant Athletes Collection includes eight new prenatal yoga videos designed to help you meet yourself where you are, every day, every trimester. To address the undeniable accompanying physical discomforts and ease your body into alignment as it continually grows, shifts, and changes. To prepare you for labor and birth, no matter the birth plan. And to help you lean into pregnancy, to learn from it, and to find the ability to trust and surrender to the process, no matter what comes up for you along the way.

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Booty Lock Mitigation is Back (+ New Hip Videos)

Athletes often talk about needing to "open" their hips. But what does that even mean?! You need mobility and stability. Ultimately, it's a balance of hip flexibility and strength that is most optimal and will help you prevent an array of injuries, not to mention the all-too-common, general feeling of "booty lock." New! The Hip Sessions will give you all the tools you need to get in balance!

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2018: The Year of #myworkIN

What if you treat recovery with equal importance as you do your workouts and value it as just as productive? Imagine how great your body will feel when you actually absorb all your effort by recovering for real, rather than being perpetually oversaturated with the stress of your training. More important, imagine all the Wins that will result. 

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Athletes for Yoga Videos Featuring Alysia Montaño

Alysia Montaño is patient yet unrelenting in her pursuits, unapologetically optimistic, and a leader in her sport, committed to elevating her community. She is a student of her body, listening closely and following its lead. She’s the definition of an Athlete for Yoga. 

Join Alysia for three new Jasyoga videos — a pre-run warm up, a core strengthener, and a hip Reset — to make you a more balanced and resilient runner, and beyond!

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Recovery Favorites Redux

You can’t absorb hard work with more hard work. Enter, Jasyoga Recovery videos. We designed these routines years ago to help athletes recover for real to optimize their training and results. With this focus, we recently went back into the studio to reshoot some of our subscribers’ favorite Resets with improved videography and sound. Plus some bonus stretches! It's recovery redux! Check it out...

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Yoga for Triathletes: Run to the Finish

Triathletes tell us all the time that the run is the hardest part of the race. There’s no getting around the fact that your whole body is super fatigued after the swim and bike, and you still have (in many cases) a marathon to go! But to have a strong tri, you have to be able to close hard. We're here to help.

With these two videos, both under 5 minutes, you'll give yourself the edge you need. Learn how, when and why to use these routines in your training. 

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