Yoga will make you a better runner. Learn how...

Yoga will make you a better runner. Let’s be real: no one likes post-LR booty lock, and being injured sucks. Luckily, when you keep yoga functional — practical — for your sport-specific needs, a little bit will go a long way to help you prevent injuries, recover from training and racing and, ultimately, run your best. Join Team Jasyoga’s Bree Dillon and Lulu Hays for a 2-hour Jasyoga for Runners Clinic, designed to help you learn to use yoga to optimize your running.

You will learn:

  • Run-specific sequences to maintain hip and hamstring flexibility
  • Upper body stretches that will help improve your posture and running form
  • Tips for preventing common runner issues such as plantar fasciitis, shin splints, and IT band pain
  • Myth-busting of common misperceptions about how to stretch effectively

All levels of yoga and running experience welcome!

When: Saturday, May 30, 4–6pm
Where: Shift Movement, 3517 Stone Way N.
Cost: $50 (includes handout of Jasyoga for Runners sequences)