Yoga for Triathletes: Optimize Your Transitions

Transitions are crucial in the triathlon. It’s not just about switching sports and gear, but creating a smooth mental and physical shift to optimize your mind and body to tackle the next block. It’s about remaining calm while moving fast, remaining focused while balancing your mental checklist, and leaving the station ready for the next challenge — and completely absorbed in the task at hand.

Of course you practice the logistics of gear swap, apparel adjustments, and nutrition, but what about mental and physical transitional logistics? Yoga can help. We designed a pair of quick, super relevant routines to help you practice the swim to bike, and bike to run transitions. Both rely on postures, movement, and breathing that mirror your form on the course, and create space for you to practice transitioning to different posture and muscle engagement smoothly and efficiently to help you stay more focused and relaxed in your real race.

Use these transition optimizers in The Yoga for Triathletes Collection as a key cross-training tool. 

Swim to Bike Transition Optimizer
Bike to Run Transition Optimizer

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