Yoga for Triathletes: Run to the Finish

Triathletes tell us all the time that the run is the hardest part of the race. There’s no getting around the fact that your whole body is super fatigued after the swim and bike, and you still have (in many cases) a marathon to go! But to have a strong tri, you have to be able to close hard.

That’s why we designed this pair of run-specific routines with the demands of the triathlon as a whole in mind. A quick pre-run warm up brings you back to your powerhouse — your core and glutes — and helps you to feel strong and resilient heading into the last leg of the race. And a quick post-run cool down eases back, hip, and hamstring stiffness while moving your body outside your usual forward-oriented range of motion.

Both run-specific videos in The Yoga for Triathletes Collection are under seven minutes, so there’s no excuse not to do them. Use them pre- and post-run during your training and feel the difference.

Pre-Run Warm Up
Quick Post-Run Reset

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