Yoga for Triathletes: Ride Ready

Getting ready to ride is a time consuming ritual in itself. The process of prepping all your gear and your bike might leave little time to focus on preparing your body, but luckily a little bit of yoga will go a long way to optimize your ride when you do the right things to warm up.

Hit this pre-ride warm up to activate key muscles in just three minutes, then notice the difference when you get on your bike — optimal riding position will be easier to settle into, you’ll be ready to roll, and quickly feel more powerful in the saddle. And post-ride, we know it can be tough to fit in a targeted stretch sesh, so we designed a quick routine you can do while you’re still on your bike so that recovery is less likely to fall by the wayside.

Quick, effective, fuss-free yoga to make you a better cyclist and improve your performance in all triathlon events. Use this pair in The Yoga for Triathletes Collection during your training and feel the difference.

Pre-Bike Warm Up
Quick Post-Bike Reset

And for more cyclist-specific Resets, be sure to check out The Yoga for Cyclists Collection.

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