Introducing The Yoga for Mamas Collection

Let's be real, ladies: Momming is the ultimate endurance event. The demands of babies and children are relentless, which can make time for yourself feel more elusive than ever. And when child-free moments do present themselves, the to do list can feel totally paralyzing. So how do we find space for ourselves amid the demands of motherhood, and when we do have time, what should we do?

I've spent the last 18 months — my baby's current age — seeking answers to ease this reality and optimize this life stage.

While motherhood is a different experience for every woman, finding ways to take care of yourself while you tend your children is the key to doing your best momming. Yoga for real is more important than ever.

I created The Yoga for Mamas Collection for the real reality of motherhood. I know your days are packed, and your “free time” is often (if not always) accompanied by at least one small person calling, “mom, mom, mom…” Just because you can't block off an hour to go to a serene studio doesn't mean you can't do yoga. Or that any time you do spend doesn't count. Instead, these new videos will help you to ease tension, build strength, and calm your mental state in less than 15 minutes (two of the videos are under 10 minutes) each. They'll help you to Hit Reset — find more balance — in the time that is available to you. Toddler optional!

These videos are relevant whether your child is two months or 12 years old. If you are newly postpartum, please keep in mind that it takes at least 18 months for your body to return to its pre-pregnancy state. You might have heard that you're fine to resume usual exercise at six weeks postpartum, but that's an incredibly arbitrary number that doesn't factor in the your unique pregnancy and birth (not to mention how much sleep/nutrition/support you are getting in those early weeks). Go easy on the core routine until you're sure your body is ready for it. Bottom line: err on the side of rest.  

  • Mama Meditation — slow down significantly, create more space, and relax back into yourself in five minutes.
  • Nurture Yourself Meditation — practice the art of nurturing yourself as you nurture your children.
  • Quick Reset for Moms — ease tension in your back and shoulders to help mitigate the effects of nursing and/or carrying your baby or child.
  • Quick Core Reset for Moms — reconnect to and strengthen your core post-baby and become more aware of how your whole body is involved in optimal core function.

I'm so excited to share these routines with you — they've helped me to navigate many of the challenges that accompany becoming a mom, and I hope they will help you, too. I hope these videos will help you remember that you are doing great. I'll be building this collection in the coming year so please lead by example and share your future video requests with #jasyogamama!