X + X = #BalanceFTW

Balance: it means something different to every person, every day.

Some days, you have to go hard, and some days you have to rest easy. It is, ultimately, your awareness of what your body needs day-to-day, and your willingness to respond accordingly that will make the biggest impact on your ability to achieve your goals.

Because everyone’s equation for balance is different, we’ve designed Jasyoga Video to help address your specific needs. For example, if your goal is to PR in the Boston Marathon, this is your last taper week, so recovery and race-prep mental focus activities will serve you best:

2 (Close the Gap Meditation)
+ 3 (Preventative Medicine for Your Lower Legs & Feet)
+ 6 (Full Body Recovery)
= #BalanceFTW

If you're serious about your goals, it's time to get serious about balance.

Here’s how:

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  2. Log in and plan your equation for balance each week
  3. Inspire others by using each video’s number (include as many as you want) to share your equation for balance on social media: X + X = #BalanceFTW