Work IN This Spring

Photo:  Claire Pepper

You work out. But when was the last time you worked in?

The reality is that you have to match your output with input. After putting out you have to fill yourself back up. Sometimes that might mean strengthening your core and others it might mean scrapping your plans and putting your legs up the wall. Paying attention to what's needed to sustain balance and being willing to respond is, literally, working in.

It's not just about doing yoga. It's how you do it. For the foreseeable future, this blog will become The Monthly Reset, where we'll introduce our latest video collections and help you use them to work in.

Stay tuned for the first of these new collections in the coming weeks and in the meantime let us know how you're using #jasyogavideo to sustain balance. We're now @jasyogaHQ on Instagram and Twitter...

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