Work IN is Here!


It’s here! Work IN has officially arrived and is shipping TODAY via! Big thank you to everyone for preordering the book — it will be in your hands shortly. If you ordered via, it will ship this week. Other channels will ship shortly! 

This book is dedicated to you, the athletes. I know the practice of Working IN is going to change the way you recover and give you the edge you’ve been looking for. 

In this world where output is valued above all else, it’s easy to get trapped in the oversaturation of the stress of your training (and work, life…), leaving your mind and body in a constant fight mode. The entire goal of this book is to teach your body to stop fighting when the fight is over, to rest, and to recover for real so that you can absorb your effort and come back stronger.

Do you...

Wonder why you don't feel rested after a rest day?
Constantly feel fatigued?
Have trouble stopping your racing mind?
Feel anxious, but can't trace the cause?
Don’t trust your training?
Keep working harder, but don’t see results?

This book is for you! We’ll explore real ways to train your mind and body to recover. You’ll have the tools to create your own recovery plan, designed to accomplish your unique goals. You’ll tap into the power of real recovery. 


Go behind the scenes on the inspiration and creation of Work IN book here. And download sample pages to get started! 

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