Work IN 28 | Meet the Challenge

Welcome to week three! By now, let's be real, your motivation may be starting to wane. Challenges have presented themselves, your schedule isn't cooperating... these aren't road blocks, but instead opportunities to meet any challenge with more ease, strengthen your mind, and become more resilient. 

This week it's all about meeting the challenge easefully — and staying committed to the work you've started. 



“Work IN to manage any challenge more easefully.”


Practice meeting challenges with ease. 


Whenever it fits into your day, set a timer for the amount of time you have available/want to spend. 

  • Pause and notice how you feel in the context of challenges you are managing. 
  • Work IN — Do the daily meditation + restorative yoga in unison (follow the daily plan outlined on page 173).
  • Pause and notice how you feel — specifically notice your outlook about your challenge.


DAY 15–16: Let Go Vizualization + Surfer



  • Place a folded blanket horizontally about six inches wide and no higher than three inches tall on the floor in front of you. 
  • Lengthen down onto the blanket so that is spans the area between your ribs and hips — your hips should be on the floor. 
  • Stack your palms and rest your forehead on top. 


  • Take a deep breath in... a slow breath out. 
  • Continue to deepen your breathing. 
  • Recall a task or interaction today where you feel you might have fallen short. Be specific about what happened and the feeling it left you with. 
  • Rather than being hard on yourself about it, relax and see the situation as a lesson learned about how you want to handle things next time — visualize yourself behaving in the manner you are most proud of. 
  • Notice how the way you feel about that situation softens, and your body follows. 
  • Now, let it go. See yourself as you are right now, stronger for what has happened so that you can be content and relax in this moment in preparation for whatever comes at you next. 

Join in with #workIN28 on social media — share how you're committing to creating a real recovery habit this month. Grab a copy of Work IN to optimize your practice, and be sure to check out The Work IN Collection at We can't wait to see where your commitment to working IN takes you! Time to crush those big goals. 

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