Work IN 28 | Feel It — Be It

The final week! High fives on laying a strong foundation for your work IN so far. Your sessions are becoming more effective. This week is about feeling the sensation of recovery and the accompanying ease, knowing that the more spacious and restful you feel, the more you are in fact recovering. You'll create a more tangible, tactile quality to your practice with this week's techniques.

Keep sharing your plan with #workIN28 — we'll choosing two random winners at the end of this week!


“If you can feel it, you can be it.”


Fully feel the sensations of recovery and ease. 


Whenever it fits into your day, set a timer for the amount of time you have available/want to spend. 

  • Pause and notice how you feel. 
  • Work IN — Do the yoga and then then do the meditation during the remaining time (follow the daily plan outlined on page 177).
  • Pause and notice how you feel.


DAY 24: Windshield Wipers + Cooling Meditation



  • Sit or lie down with your knees bent and your feet wider than hip-width (about as wide as your mat if you're using one).
  • Rest your arms open, palms up. 
  • Drop your knees to one side. 
  • Lift your knees back to center, then drop them to the other side. 
  • Continue for about 20 reps.


  • Take a deep breath in... a slow breath out. 
  • Continue to deepen your breathing.
  • Breathe in through a rolled tongue or slightly parted lips as if you were drinking from a straw. 
  • Breathe out through your nose. 
  • Continue, feeling the cooling sensation of your breath entering through your mouth, and warm air exiting through your nose. 

BONUS! Suggested Jasyoga Video this week: Full Body Mobility


Congrats! Keep sharing your #workIN28 on social media — and take this practice further now by writing and following your own plan! Grab a copy of Work IN for a structured guide and loads of meditations and restorative yoga to optimize your recovery. Also be sure to check out The Work IN Collection at We can't wait to see where your commitment to working IN takes you! Time to crush those big goals. 

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