Work IN 28 | Be Consistent


Week one of #workIN28 was about committing to real recovery. You used whatever time was available to you, and each day had new meditation and restorative yoga practices to try. This week is about creating consistency. You'll set aside the same amount of time at the same time daily to help build the habit and solidify it as part of your routine, so you'll do the same meditation and yoga pairing every day. Keep it simple and make it consistent. By the end of the week, working IN should be like brushing your teeth — a daily given rather than another to do. 

Because it's the same meditation and yoga posture each day, even if you don't have the book you actually have the whole plan this week! Be sure to share how it's going with #workIN28! 



“Be consistent in your input.”


Build your Work IN habit through consistency. 


At the same time every day, set a timer for the amount of time you will spend. Spend the same amount of time on each session, whether two minutes or 20....

  • Pause and notice how you feel. 
  • Work IN — Put your Legs Up the Wall + do Mantra Meditation in unison every day (page 170).
  • Pause and notice how you feel.


DAY 8–14: Mantra Meditation + Legs Up the Wall



  • Select your mantra, ideally one that is relevant for recovery. For example, "I can rest. I am calm."
  • Take a deep breath in... a slow breath out. 
  • Continue to deepen your breathing. 
  • Inhaling, say in your head, "I can rest."
  • Exhaling, say in your head, "I am calm."
  • Continue.

Legs Up the Wall

  • Lie on your back and extend your legs up the wall, moving as far back as needed to neutralize your spine. 
  • Bend you knees slightly and turn your feet away from each other. 
  • Rest your arms open, palms up. 

Join in with #workIN28 on social media — share how you're committing to creating a real recovery habit this month. Grab a copy of Work IN to optimize your practice, and be sure to check out The Work IN Collection at We can't wait to see where your commitment to working IN takes you! Time to crush those big goals.