Pros Define Athletes for Yoga

You see it in our sign off, you have the hashtag down, but what do we mean when we talk about Athletes for Yoga?

Our Pro squad is leading by example every day and we asked them what AFY means to them. While each athlete’s perspective is unique, they’re all serious about their goals AND using yoga to reach them. That’s what being an AFY is all about — using a little bit of yoga to get big results, and that’s what you can accomplish when you put your yoga practice in context of your goals.

Which pro's POV resonates most with you?



Being an Athlete for Yoga means taking the time to give my body a gift. I ask so much of it when I’m training and I feel like yoga is my way of giving back and saying thank you. When I treat my body well and take care of the little things, it allows me to push it further. It’s a great balance and an important part of being a professional athlete. With every relationship there is give and take, and yoga helps me to balance this relationship with my body.



Being an athlete for yoga means that as a professional athlete, I value my body and take it seriously. Everyone knows how helpful yoga can be, but as athletes we tend to overlook the small things that can end up being big things if we’re not careful. Being an athlete for yoga means that I respect my body and my profession and realize that I need time to give back, care for, and listen to my body after and before I put it through vigorous training!


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Being an Athlete for Yoga means being a part of a community of people who understand athletics and the demands of this life. Being an Athlete for Yoga has shown me that yoga can be a huge benefit to my career without taking away from it. Yoga is making me a stronger more resilient athlete.



Being an athlete for yoga means being intentional about training, rest, & recovery and listening to the body. Yoga has so many benefits but for me it’s important that it serves its purpose without adding unnecessary stress to the body. Running and yoga work together to keep me centered, strong, and moving forward.



Being an Athlete for Yoga, to me, means being an example and resource for how yoga can benefit the body and mind. Much of stretching, warm ups, and Resets benefit the body greatly by prepping and actively healing. However, on a more beneficial front, in my, opinion, I feel that yoga techniques can help greatly in the tough moments on the course, in goal setting, and performing better outside of sport. This can be seen in breathing techniques, staying present, and learning patience.



What it means to be an Athlete For Yoga to me is understanding the importance of practicing yoga and recognizing how much it compliments me in my sport.


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First, being an Athlete for Yoga means working with my body, not against it. Through yoga, I’ve learned how to really listen to my body, so I know when to push and when to back off. Second, yoga has really brought me ease and balance, physical and mental. I know that sounds corny, but my body just functions a lot better when I take care of it through stretching, mobility and awareness.

So how about you — how do you use yoga to achieve your own wins? Keep leading by example with #athletesforyoga.

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