We're expanding the Reset Revolution.

I started teaching yoga because I wanted to make it accessible to athletes. Back then, yoga was nowhere near as mainstream as it is now, and hardly anyone was talking about “yoga for athletes.”

My early days of figuring out what to teach athletes and why was challenging, with no manual to refer to, no expert to consult, and no leader to follow. I kept going because I knew that yoga is profound. Through my own experience as a collegiate basketball player and through observing the changes in my students the truth has been undeniable: Yoga will make you a better athlete. Now, my mission remains to make yoga accessible to all athletes.

Every day, you have an opportunity to Hit Reset — to use yoga to sustain balance for your sports, and your life.

London is calling.

Now, I have a tremendous opportunity to broaden Jasyoga’s reach. With the support of Team Jasyoga and in the spirit of the Reset Revolution, we are expanding to London this spring to help more people Hit Reset.

In addition, Jasyoga Seattle continues to grow — new teams, athletes, and corporate clients are joining us every month, and new coaches will be joining our team this spring. “Outdoor studio” season is just around the corner, we'll be flying with the Oiselle birds, and no one will be able to keep us out of Hilliard’s for our fave combo of yoga and beer. I’ll be in Seattle quarterly to lead sport-specific Clinics, special events, and the only yoga for athletes teacher training on the west coast.

Come with us.

While growth can feel scary, I remind myself: “I’ve been here before. I can do this again.” Although, this time I’m not starting from scratch — I’m not alone. Now, there’s a Revolution alongside me. London, Seattle, lets wave the flag.

In the coming weeks, we'll share more deets about my London and Seattle schedules... stay tuned!