The Weekly Reset: Your Marathon Month Reward

Nice work this Marathon Month! As April winds down, make sure you take time for what your body needs most: recovery. The thing about recovery is that it doesn’t automatically happen when you zone out in front of the TV. Instead, it takes more conscious attention to reduce any lingering tension in your body and mind and, ultimately, neutralize your system so that you can recover effectively.

So celebrate Marathon Month's completion with this simple practice to help you bring yourself back into balance. The more time you spend Hitting Reset in this way, the sooner you’ll be feeling your best and be back in action…

  • Lie down and put your legs up a wall.
  • Make sure your neck is neutral (your chin and forehead should be level), which is super important for neutralizing your system.
  • Slowly “scan” your body, starting with your toes and moving all the way to your head, relaxing any spots of lingering tension that you notice along the way.
  • Repeat 3 times, and then stay and relax for a few more minutes.

Optimize your “Reset” with our new Post-Workout/Race Recovery video.