The Weekly Reset: Train Your Core

Your mid spine is the most mobile part of your back. While it is indeed built to move, unless you counter that flexibility with strength, you risk becoming too flexible in this area, which is just as bad as not being flexible enough, and will increase your risk of back pain and injury.

One of the best ways to counter the flexibility of that mobile mid-spine is to strengthen your obliques, which, when both the right and left sides engage in unison, move your front ribs toward each other as if you were trying to “knit” them together. Your lower abs (transverse) are super important, too, but the rib connection is something I rarely hear anyone talking about. Here’s a great move to remind your obliques of their job so that they can help keep your core strong and your spine long and neutral (the goal):

Extended Triangle Prep

  • Stand on your knees and extend your left leg out to the side like a kickstand, keeping your left toes pointing forward, and foot flat.
  • Reach your arms overhead and engage your care to keep your spine long and front ribs moving together.
  • Lean your torso to your right, creating a diagonal line between your torso and extended left leg.
  • If that feels too tough, release your right hand to the floor below your right shoulder.
  • Hold for 10 deep breaths before switching sides.

Once you’ve mastered that (you feel strong and stable holding the pose), move on to standing Extended Triangle:

Hit up our new Train Your Core video for more functional core strengthening…