The Weekly Reset: Booty Lock Mitigation

Booty lock. It’s pretty self-explanatory, right? If you never stretch your hips, you’re probably familiar with this super stiff, uncomfortable feeling in your hips and glutes. The remedy? Hit up some booty lock mitigation:


  • Sit down and bend your knees, staggering the right leg in front of the left so that it makes a “pinwheel” shape, with a little bit of space between your right foot and your left knee.
  • Keep both feet flexed.
  • Sit up tall and turn your torso toward your right thigh, and lie down on top of it.
  • When you think you’ve found your resting point, try to lengthen your spine even more, as if you’re pulling your ribs further away from your hips.
  • Rest on your forearms or make a pillow for your forehead with stacked palms for fists.
  • Hold for 10+ deep breaths before switching sides.
view from above...

view from above...

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