What the Reset Revolution means to me...


In between data collection and processing (I’m an oceanography student) during a recent class trip to Tahiti (Yes, Tahiti! And no, I'm not naked in the above jungle pic!), I got to thinking about what “Hitting Reset” means to me — it's honestly one of the philosophies I like best about Jasyoga.

As Jasyoga’s youngster tagalong intern, I’ve observed the rest of Team Jasyoga setting new intentions every day, week, month, and season. It’s inspiring to have mentors to look up to who are so self-motivated.

I’ve learned that "Hitting Reset" is about embracing change and new experiences to keep your spirit and senses alert and awake. It’s also important to let go of all the bad juju that can easily consume your thoughts. Maybe you've heard the saying "Breathe in the good shit; exhale the bullshit”? To that I’d add, "… feel the Reset". Jasyoga encourages us to put inspiration into action, whatever your goals may be — and to be authentic along the way.

Where you put your vision is where your life will follow, and being able to Hit Reset after all the minor obstacles along the journey is a way to help ensure an ease-ful migration forward without negative distractions.

Brianna aka “B” is our fab intern and coach-in-training, and will be hooking you up with bomb assists in class — she's got your back!