The Weekly Reset: Side Plank Shape Up

We’re pretty forward-oriented in most things we do. But while you’re busy trying to get from point A to point B, the sides of the body can become pretty sleepy. When the muscles on the sides of your body are weak, they can’t do their job to keep areas like your hips and core stable. As a result, your posture and form will suffer, regardless of your sport or activity… especially when you’re tired.

Side Plank is great because is strengthens the sides of the body as well as core. Hold for 5+ deep breaths before switching sides…

Side Plank

  • Come onto all fours, placing your right hand and elbow under your right shoulder, and rotating the arm so that the fingers point toward the top of your head.
  • Make sure your hand is totally flat as if you were making a hand print into the floor as you push the floor away from you.
  • Engage your core: lift your belly and actively draw your front ribs toward each other.
  • Straighten your legs and come onto the outside edge of your right foot, keeping your feet flexed, and stack the rest of your bod directly on top.
  • Engage your core to bring your bod into a long line (avoid side bending), and reach your left arm alongside your ear.

Is your bottom shoulder sagging or wrist hurting? Come down to your forearm and get comfortable in Side Forearm Plank before trying it on your hand again:

Keep challenging your core with our new Plank Workout video

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