The Weekly Reset: Prop Yoself

Especially when it comes to recovery time, props can be super useful because they support your body so that your aching muscles don't have to.

When you’re tired and stiff post-workout or workday, forcing yourself into a rigid posture is pretty counterproductive because your body will struggle to wind down. Instead, by making sure you have the support you need, you can re-establish space in stiff areas and decrease overall tension in your system so that healing and optimal recovery can can occur (which is the point!).

Here’s our go-to “propped” pose to help you #hitreset. While we love bolsters, don’t stress if you don’t have one (but DO consider in investing in one!). A couple pillows or folded blankets or towels can do the trick, really anything you've got around the house that you can prop yoself with will work wonders.

  • Sit down and pull a bolster, pillow, or a couple of folded blankets up against your butt.
  • Lie back over your props (your butt should be on the floor still) and bring the soles of your feet to touch, or straighten your legs (whichever feels more comfortable).
  • Extend your arms open to your sides with your palms facing up.
  • Breathe deeply and stay for 5+ minutes, letting your prop and breath do all the work for you…

Keep your Reset going with our new Deep Relaxation for Athletic Recovery video… 

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