The Weekly Reset: Low Back Love

Sore back? Not surprising. The combo of workouts and sitting strain and stiffen your side body and the muscles surrounding your low back, shortening the space between your ribs and hips. This not only screws up your posture, it also makes you feel like crap.

One of the quickest ways to relieve that low back ache is to re-lengthen your sides. This seated bend gets the job done…

(Also baby bump friendly.)

(Also baby bump friendly.)

Seated Side Bend

  • Sit on a bolster/pillow/folded blanket with your legs crossed or one/both legs extended out to the side (lots of ways to set up your lower body, pick what feels the most comfortable to you).
  • Bring your right hand beside you, reach your left arm up, and side bend toward your right.
  • Side bend (don't back bend aka lean back) and make sure your bend is happening from your mid-spine, around the bottom of your rib cage, while everything below stays nice and stable.
  • Keep pressing your left hip down toward the floor as you deepen your bend.
  • Turn your head in whatever direction feels most comfortable for your neck.
  • Hold for 5+ deep breaths.

Hit up our new Low Back Love video for more relief...

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