The Weekly Reset: Front/Back Core Balance

When it comes to your core, your back and front body should be equally strong.

Last week, we attacked your back pack. This week, explore functional front/back core balance with this simple standing flow. Hit it up pre-workout...

Photo:  Claire Pepper

Half Forward Fold Flow

  • Stand with your feet wide apart and parallel, and put your hands on your hips.
  • Engage your core by drawing your navel in and up, and your front ribs toward each other—you'll feel your spine lengthen in the process.
  • Inhale—tilt your torso forward so that it's parallel to the floor, while maintaining a long, neutral spine and keeping your knees bent a little.
  • Exhale—rise to stand.
  • Continue for 10 reps, moving to the rhythm of your breath.

Keep building your back pack with our Baby Got Back video!

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