The Weekly Reset: Don't plank until you're a Boss at this...

Spoiler alert: we’ll be doing a lot of planking this month to keep boosting your core strength. But first, let’s work one of the most commonly overlooked and misplaced areas of your body that's fundamental not only to plank, but any weight bearing exercise…

I’m talking about your shoulders. While this might make you think about the joint where your upper arm bone attaches into your shoulder socket, your shoulder blade comprises an equally important part of your shoulder structure, and one that is critical for the back core strength required to work out in poses like plank.

So here's the single most effective move for putting your shoulder blades into the right place so that you can truly strengthen, rather than strain:

  • Stand up and turn your palms forward; initiate that action from the top of your upper arm bone (rather than just turning your wrists).
  • As you do this, you’ll feel your shoulder blades move down and in toward the center of your spine. You’ll feel your upper back muscles engaging to make that happen.
  • Keep your shoulder blades where they are as you reach your arms open horizontally with your palms facing up.
  • Continue to focus on the work happening in your upper back as those muscles gain strength to stabilize your shoulder blades into their “home.”
  • Gently hug your front ribs toward each other to ensure you’re not back bending.
  • Hold for 2–5(+) minutes!

Break a sweat and learn more about this fundamental shoulder and back core strengthener in our new Quick Shoulder & Upper Back Strengthener video video…