The Weekly Reset: Cool It

As summer continues to heat up, make sure you don’t get overcooked. Aside from sunburns and fatigue, too much heat can easily leave you feeling frazzled and out of balance in general.

Regardless of what you’re out getting after this summer, recognize when you need to cool it and try out different restorative yoga poses to help lower your temperature and neutralize your system. Here's one of our faves:

  • Grab a chair or ottoman, or head to your sofa.
  • Lie down on your cool floor, bend your knees, and rest your lower legs on your chair/sofa.
  • Spread your arms wide, turning your palms to face up.
  • Breathe in through your lips as if you were drinking from a straw… breathe out through your nose…
  • Continue to breathe deeply and cool off for 5+ minutes.

Frazzled isn’t fit. Keep cooling it with our new Cool It video