The Weekly Reset: Balance Your Back Core

When it comes to your core, your backside is just as important as your front, and striking a balance between the two is what will help you to get the most power from your powerhouse.

This week, pre-game your workouts and/or cross-train with our fave pose for strengthening and balancing your back body musculature that spans your glutes all the way to your upper back.

Photo:  Claire Pepper

Spinal Balance

  • Come onto all fours with your shoulders over your wrists and your hips over your knees.
  • Bring your spine to neutral and engage your core.
  • Extend one leg behind you, flexing the foot so your toes point at the floor.
  • Reach your opposite arm forward alongside your ear (opposite arm to the leg you’ve extended) with your thumb pointing up.
  • Reach longer
  • Inhale: lenthen even more by reaching back through the lifted heel and forward through the lifted hand.
  • Exhale: engage your core even more.
  • Hold for 5+ deep breaths before switching sides.
  • BONUS: Alternate sides for 20 reps.

Keep working your back core with our Baby Got Back video

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