The Weekly Reset: Balance Through Transition

You know where you are now and you know where you’re heading. But what about the gap in between? When’s the last time you focused more on the transition—on how your body is moving through space—than on the end destination?

Last week, we slowed the pace and found balance in stillness in Warrior 3. Now, build on that foundation as you gain strength to sustain balance through transition. This short sequence will activate and strengthen your core and the muscles that stabilize your ankles, knees, and hips, making for an ideal pre-game to your workout while you mimic your most common movement pattern: walking/running.

Slow down, breathe deeply, and feel the way your body is moving through space…

Single Leg Balance to Warrior 3

  • Stand with your feet parallel and hip's width apart, and bring your hands to your hips as a reminder to keep your hips level.
  • Engage your core and lift one knee up to waist-height, bending your knee to a 90-degree angle—this is Single Leg Balance.
  • Lean your torso forward and extend your lifted leg long behind you, bringing your body and leg parallel to the floor—move slowly and intentionally, keeping the standing knee bend slightly.
  • Try to keep your hips squared toward the floor, flexing the foot of your lifted leg so that your toes point down.
  • Slowly return to Single Leg Balance, pressing down strongly through the standing foot as you go—you should feel that glute engage.
  • Continue for 5+ reps—remember that the slower you go, the harder everything works to strengthen your transitions.

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